Faith Hope Endurance


When I first learned that Charity suffers long and is kind, I thought I was her
But when I found out that she was never boastful or puffed up

I was disappointed in myself because I realized how much greater she is than me
Caught up in the blind spots of dreaming
The depths of her nature I did not see
Charity is on a much higher level of being

One of her greatest gifts is Wisdom
Wisdom is greater than silver and gold
It’s through Charity that we witness the Wisdom of YAHUAH unfold

The dreamer dreams for Love
At the end of the day, she chooses it
Sometimes, she forgets what it is
That’s when she slips up and abuses it

Thank YAH Charity is protected under Love’s Rules
I stand corrected for the ways of the mule

It aint a game
The barber said it
I was dreaming so hard, I didn’t get it
But this is about a much greater cause

YAH protects, provides and even professed
Of these 3 things, Charity is the greatest
These are proven winners
Faith and Hope
Charity is the path that Yahusha chose
It is His gift to us
Charity is what He does
Yahusha already knows it
It is not by chance
But for His will we are chosen
And this is an act of Charity upon every lost soul

Yahusha The Messiah Rules In Control
YAHUAH  Sabbath
YAHUAH of Armies
Army Of YAH’S Sword
He gives me victories in battles I have not fought
Yahusha taught me that winning is being written in The Book Of Life
Spiritual Warfare
YAH’S Word Divides
And Charity abides
Because it is the Love of YAH

It’s realm does not include bitterness, hatred and fighting
Charity is forgiveness from Yahusha in writing

Charity serves the purpose of Love
She operates on every level
She’s in the hoods and the hills
and yet she remains kind
She’s even there for us when we wonder onto the dark side
Sometimes, players are unfortunately inclined to play too much
May YAH Of Hosts Forgive Us

Due to the fact that YAH’S Will is truth
Forgiveness is something we all can use
And indeed
The forgiveness we seek and need is another act of Charity

Charity is a place where you can come in out of the dark
Come in out of your car
She’s food, clothing and shelter
She’s a necessity
She’s the gift that the weary awaits
I can attest to Charity’s greatness

She was always a family, a friend, a place where I could mend when I was losing
She even sent me Hope when I was bouncing off notes through the music

She carries me on her shoulders when I’m flying on foot

Charity is the love that soaring reveals
After all these years, she came back and kept it real
She even gave me what I wanted
I voluntarily fled from the pain and she was summoned
She taught me to be still

Charity is a realm to be entered only if you respect it
I flew into Charity’s Arms while dancing and smiling through the wreckage
She showed me the truth and I finally got the Lesson

Fighting with passion the source of the pain
Running away from the same game with a different name
I thank YAH that the Messiah saved me
A delusional player caught in a zone, coasting on victories
That I did not earn but still I rise
Give all the praise to YAH before it turns into pride
Pride leads to destruction and hostility
Leaving us in desperate need of Humility
Caught up in a 25 year war with Predictability
Obsessed with winning battles against Futility

And the brilliance of Charity is that she helped me overcome it when she gave me what I wanted
Charity explained why a eagle would be running

Dipping & Dodging
Walking & Marching
Dancing & Charging


Through all these streets
For all these years
With all this grief
From all these battles
With all these thieves
Running though all these bellies
Of all these beasts

I thank Yahusha and I smile
Charity just taught me another style

Her wisdom is absolutely unforgettable
She teaches her class in ways unimaginable
She’s formal and casual and she avoids every fight
Defenseless is the person who cant control their might
Wisdom from King Solomon
Son of David

Yahusha, I thank you for loving me and my kind
You created every Spectrum, its all by your design
We are all Your children
The only difference is how we shine
Through the many gifts of Charity, The Holy Spirit helps me write so I can climb
Yahusha walks with Charity in His Mind
The closer I get to her, the more I’m reminded
Why she’s the greatest of these 3
Without Charity, where would any of us be?
Not in a good place
I thank The Messiah for coming back to save a lil lamb lost in the chase

Through divine, charitable acts, YAH has shown me that this is not my fight
That was the reason for the Pain of The Messiah
He helps us even when we fail to realize
He saves us and takes us in when we’re tip toeing in the sunlight

I thank You, Yahusha, that charity has remained apart of my life for all these years
Charity feeds YAH’S children and helps them fly
Charity is far beyond my deepest eye

As players, we dream of filling big shoes
But if we’re truly blessed, we learn the value of you
All ways out here doing what you love to do


I respect and accept that you are not a game
However, you became a part of my dream
You were with me since before I was 13
You rescued me in Santa Barbara on an inkling

You’re the dream that comes true
You’re a gift from YAH, you’re what Yahusha promised us He’d do
Just by being who you are you have shared your wisdom with me
Without words, you have shown me that YAH’S Love is the Key
Find it and you’re free

Free from the game you can’t control
Free from the fighter you failed to mold
Teach the player about the victory of the soul
“….if you really love God in your heart!”
Grandma Hazel yelled out while eavesdropping in the dark
Laying low, playing her part
Throwing those darts

I knew exactly what we she meant

The correction, direction and guidance of The Holy Spirit is another act of Charity
Through suffering Charity is always able to endure
That is something I have learned from
That’s a different way of being
I am grateful for the immaculately conveyed correction
I thank YAH for the blessing
Of being a recipient of an invitation to the hall that leads to the door of Charity’s understanding

Charity,  judges them not
Charity taught me that’s when all the fighting stops
She took me back to school during extremely tough times
That’s how school is taught when the light shines
Charity is one of my favorite teachers because Yahusha loves me

I hope to learn about your wisdom more and more
I took on your cause for a dream
Before I even understood what you really mean
Or the requirements of even being on your team
If you were a game, which I am clearly aware that this isn’t
When one enters your realm, you gotta tame that player ambition
A fighter’s dream can only take you so far
Charity was created to be one of the greatest of parts of us
Charity Is The Gift of the Love of YAH
He Produces It
He Issues It
He Disperses It
He Protects It
We Are Blessed To Accept It

The Holy Spirit is The Breath of my pen
And the song of my soul
And my comfort from within

You are the life and passion of every stage
And every showcase I ever played

And after all the gifts You gave me,

You led me to the Chief Cornerstone, Who saved me

Yahusha Ha Mashiach
Who died on the stake so we all can have life
And at the core of YAH’S  love for The Messiah and His bride
Is Charity

Charity Loves us all equal
Back, she would never hold you
She would never hate you
She wouldn’t try to control you
And if you missed her, she would appear again
And if you dissed her,  she would be your friend
She never judged you from the beginning
She understands the trap

She would never puppet or use you
Or take her gifts back

Charity would never exploit your name with lies of shame
She rejoices in the truth and overcomes the pain
She would never mock you or tease you for financial gain
Through her strength from YAH, she succeeds without blame


So strong, she can defend a dreamer in love
So kind, she can befriend a lonely cub
Thus, making her Understanding or Wisdom
So what it really comes down to is
At least from a player’s perspective
Cause sometimes, we actually do learn the lesson

That’s when we elevate through The Messiah, accepting that He already paid those dues
This is spoken strictly and respectfully from a context that a player would use
Personification and squad formation are only used for liquid illustration purposes

Trust in Yahusha  and He Will Deliver You Out Of The Storm
So what we have here now, hypothetically, going on
We got greater than silver and gold, always known as Wisdom
Aligned with greater than Faith and Hope, Biblically known as Charity

Accompanied by a dreamer for the love of mankind
Who’s been corrected and admonished by Humility from YAH’S Pure Mind
Whole Team Out Here Shining
Living In Perfect Harmony
Like Ebony and Ivory, The Animals and Noah
Protected and Provided For By The Father YAHUAH

They Are Spiritually Kind and Of The Same Tree
They would never run up on you
Not like Espie


She Loves all YAH’S creations
She understands that sometimes we all live in desperation
That’s when she steps in and gives a dog a new home and destination

Animal Shelter

The place that made us of the same feather
Love, Hope, Faith, Charity & Wisdom Make Moves Together
They practice long, everyday, with no desire for silver and gold
Wisdom and Charity Out Rank All Their Opponents

I’m A Witness

To The Greatest Victory Game I Never Played
In My Biggest Battle To Date, My Soul Is Saved
Charity and Wisdom Are Even Greater Than The Dream
Their Victories Are Won By The Most High Team
Played So Patiently By The King Of Kings
The Alahym, Prince Of Peace, Ruach HaKodesh
YAH, The Father
Yahusha, The Son
The Holy Spirit, The Helper and The Comforter

YAH Loves The World
He Gave His Only Son
He Saves us when we run
Giving us infinite reasons to fear Him
Fear, another gift from YAH that’s best when only used in Him
Thanks to charity and her giving, we are rescued by The True And Living

Thank You Father!

Golden Seal

I Serve, Worship and Thank The Father YAHUAH, in the Name of the Mashiach

For the gifts of Charity, Love, Hope, Faith, Humility and Meekness
Non Judgement, Forgiveness and Fearlessness of men
Understanding, Kindness, Protection and Wisdom

King of Kings!
I Know You’ve Heard
What A Mighty YAH We Serve!

Sealed By The Blood of Yahusha Ha Mashiach
Let Us Thank  YAH That Yahusha Is The Truth, The Way And The Life
Let Us Praise His Son, Our Savior, and Embrace His Chosen Tribes
Ha Mashiach Saves The Most Hated Like You and I
Yahusha Is The Truth, even if every man is a lie

I Thank, Glorify and Fear Your Holy Spirit

Please Forgive Us
Please Help Us
Please Show Us How To Love
Please Teach Us
Please Protect Us
Please Remind Us What It Was

That’s only the Love The Father can give us

I Praise You, Yahusha Ha Mashiach For Saving Me From Unseen Devastation
I Love, Thank, Fear and Serve You For Handling That Situation!!!
Don’t Nobody Got Your Back Like Yahusha!!!
The Prince Of Peace

Through unlimited acts of Charity, Kindness and Forgiveness, The Savior shows us Mercy
Another one of YAH’S many gifts that only YAH can Give
The Light of the world, suspended in darkness, only because He Lives

YAH’S Mercy Endures Forever
Please Father heal the wounds of all those in the midst
Please have mercy YAH, deliver the souls of the motherland’s slave ships

I am grateful that You are not respective of persons
You taught me how to express myself without all of the cursing
You teach me to forgive to be forgiven
I never knew a love like Yours
My only Hope and Trust is in You
The Time Is Now For Us To Give Thanks And Praise Where It Is Due

King Of Kings

The Chief Cornerstone
The Rock
Let Us Witness His Pain
The Eternal Glory Of Our Savior Shall Forever Remain

Infinite Victories To The Army Of The YAH
Through YAH Of Armies
YAH Sabbath
YAH Rapha
YAH Jireh

Let us Praise Him and Give Him All The Glory for our Victory through His Son, Yahusha Ha Mashiach
Let Us Thank Yahusha For Sending Ruach HaKodesh Who Protects and Comforts Us Here On Earth
All Praises To The Alahym of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
The Father of Yahusha Ha Mashiach, Our Most Humble And Meek Savior

In The Name of The Father
In The Name Of The Son
Bless The Holy Spirit
For Victory Has Been Won

Thank You, Father!

Amen and Amen

-Falona Brown

(c) 2014

(c) 2014 Falona Brown

*updated/edited (c) 2024