“For My Father” 1st Verse: New Ark Born Again


I hope that you all have a wonderful day as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Yahusha Ha Mashiach.  So far, I’ve reviewed the filming of the opening scene prayer and the opening scene’s supplemental footage and today I will review the 1st verse. I hope that you will be inspired by my testimony of what The Messiah has done for me in my life. I hope that you will seek and receive knowledge and wisdom from Him and I hope that you allow Him to come into your heart and soul.

Proverbs 8:11

The 1st verse of “For My Father” was filmed in 3 different locations. The locations were chosen based on their relevancy to the lyrics in the verse. The 1st verse opens up in front of Newark Schools Stadium. I chose this location for more than one reason. The summation of these reasons is the fact that knowledge and education played a huge part in my spiritual liberation from the forces that controlled me through conflict, mocking, hatred and deception.
Knowledge and education are essential keys to freedom.
Yahusha The Messiah is the Greatest Teacher Who Ever Lived.

John 7:16

Knowledge is an extremely powerful and freeing resource. Knowing that Yahusha Ha Mashiach is my King and Savior is the greatest knowledge I’ve ever possessed. This is true knowledge that has been proven to me just as The Father said it would be. In addition to saving me, Yahusha teaches me through His Mercy, Supreme Wisdom and Divine Rule as YAH of Armies.

Sometimes knowledge reveals that our plans are not what we thought they were. The gift of accepting knowledge is that you become a greater person than you were before you accepted it. Knowledge can also be very humbling. Sometimes it shows us just how little we know and just how much harder we must seek Yahusha or guidance. The truth teaches us just how much we need to pray.

We are all at the mercy of God. We are all constantly wrestling with principalities and the spiritual wickedness of this world. Knowledge is essential in spiritual warfare. One cannot guard against tactics or strategies that they are not aware of. Knowledge is key and The Messiah is The Truth, The Way and The Light. The great thing about being a child of The Messiah is that He as absolute control over everything. He speaks and works in mysterious ways. He uses the nations, rivers, valleys, animals, trials and tribulations, disappointments, good times and the bad times and any and everything He so desires and chooses to teach us through His divine wisdom and loving kindness.

John 10:27

As I wrote in my previous update, The 9 Fruit of The Holy Spirit help us become better people. They help us as we endure and overcome obstacles in our daily lives. I am very grateful that I learned them and through trial and error, I realize that I must work harder to apply them in my life. The fruit can be very helpful as preventative resources during stressful times. We all truly need help and comfort in this cold world. Yahushaa Ha Mashiach already knew that we would face these obstacles and hurdles so He provided us with a Helper and Comforter to teach us.

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. John 14:26

Ruach Ha Kodesh, The Glorious Holy Spirit loves us and is able to guide us, heal us, comfort us, teach us and lead us to Ha Mashiach. The Holy Spirit creates miracles in our lives. I love The Holy Spirit for all that He does for me. He guides me through writing and He comforts me and gives me understanding that gives me new hope. I know that I need Him and I know that He is Truly, Absolutely Amazing and AWESOME!!!

I know what it feels like to be rejected, laughed at and hated. I know what it feels like to be lied on, mocked and isolated. But through it all God has never left me to the will of my enemies. He cares about my feelings and even though they often get hurt, He always heals me by giving me a reason to smile again. Yahusha has given me a purpose and true belonging. I can feel the presence of The Army Of The YAH in my heart and soul and I dream of the day that we will rap, sing, do the Golden Eagle, and glorify YAH together. I dream of a day when the forces that keep us apart will be cast away and we will overcome as the music plays.

Until then, I will sing in the streets, they will become my stage I will pray for more strength and I will love and not rage I will forgive, I will remember and I will cherish these trials I will hold on to the love and I will enjoy every smile One of the best things about having roadblocks to your dreams Is that you savor every moment and you enjoy the little things.

1 John 4:4

The 2nd location of the 1st verse was filmed at the Passaic River. This river runs through Newark and several other neighboring northern New Jersey cities.

This scene made me think about the story of Moses and how The Lord protected, guided and provided for him as a baby in the river. God had a perfect plan for Moses and it all worked for the good of Moses and his people. God has a perfect plan for all of us and all of our lives. Sometimes we fall weak to forces within and outside of us. It’s very frustrating and that’s exactly why we need Yahusha The Messiah.. Never give up and lose hope or trust in Yahusha  because He loves us and He understands. He loves us so much that He will teach us the errors in our ways as His knowledge gives us a helping hand.

The 3rd and final location of the 1st verse was filmed on a busy Newark street called Route 21. This is a major highway in downtown Newark. I like the busyness of Rt 21. Even though we filmed on a Sunday when the traffic was slower, it still provided great movement for the scene.

Overall, the 1st verse was a huge emotional and spiritual success and victory for SoJa Music & SoJa Films. Father YAH  guided me through all of the obstacles that I faced and He renewed my strength through the Help, Comfort and Love of The Holy Spirit. One of the most valuable lessons that HE has taught me is that we cannot base success and victory on what society and the world says it is. My Father YAH has taught me that the love that He has for me will never be broken. I am grateful for His mercy on my soul. HE  loves me inspite of all those who mock me for being who He made me.

I Love You Yahusha and I Thank You for saving me I Thank You for teaching me and I Thank You for making me I Thank You for guiding me and I Thank You for loving me I Thank You for protecting me and I Thank You for correcting me I Thank You for accepting me into The Army Of The YAH

I Thank You for blessing me with the Armor of Your Thoughts

I Thank You for Your words and I Thank You for making me strong I Praise You before the world I Honor You through my songs What A Mighty God We Serve in our Savior, Yahusha Ha Mashiach!!!

1 Peter 2:9

Matthew 6:33