“For My Father” Opening Scene Supplemental Footage


I took the Interstate 280 W to get to Orange, New Jersey from Newark. Every since I directed I Have A Dream, I’ve developed a fondness for filming on highways. I like the views when driving, approaching exits, and entering towns because they visually label the locations very well.

You really get a good feel for the area and what the locals experience regularly during their commutes in and out of town. You also get a feel for what visitors would experience when they enter the area via the I-280.

I wanted to capture the valley of Orange, New Jersey in the best way that I could. Driving through the neighborhood definitely gives you a feel for the community. As you can see, this area of Orange is residential. The houses are located off of the major road. I thought this area was perfect for the opening scene prayer

Matthew 6:14-15

I was very excited when I saw this building with Ha Mashiach’s teachings on forgiveness. Just seeing His Word made me extremely joyful. While filming the video, I needed Him more than ever and He was right there with me, literally and spiritually, every step of the way.

Acts 4:12

I’m very happy that I was able to capture this building and text for the video. I realize that I was spiritually led to film in this area because I personally struggle with forgiveness. I remember a time when it was so easy for me to forgive. Over the years it became far more difficult for me to forgive others especially when they came between me and my dream for music. I’ve cherished the dream with all my heart every since the YAH first gave it to me. Music gave me a passion that I’d never known before but it also came at a price. The more I committed myself to my music, the more it seemed like the people around me rejected me or tried to destroy it. This was extremely painful and devastating for me. This made me seek The Messiah.  When the world rejects you, The Messiah will accept you. He will be your only friend. It’s taken me a very long time to get over the pain. Yahusha is helping me by showing me that everything happened for the greater good of bringing me to Him. The trust, hope and true friendship that I’ve developed in and with Yahusha has made all the pain worth it.

Romans 8:28

Yahusha and His Word  are helping me tremendously as I journey towards reclaiming my ability to forgive, readily. Seeing this teaching on forgiveness deeply touched me. I knew He was sending me a much needed message and I got it loud and clear. The Savior’s Wisdom is undeniable because it always catches the ear. The message that Ha Mashiach is sending me (on forgiveness) as a result of this video and my experiences leading up to and following the completion and during the editing and post production of this video is that we should all forgive because we are all truly in need of forgiveness.

We have all wronged others. If we are honest with ourselves, we can admit that we have all hurt someone else at one point in our lives. Hatred and cruelty are things that we must seek to overcome through  Yahusha. Both adults and children can be very mean. I believe that it’s important that we are aware of our inherent natures. We were born into sin. It happened in The Garden of Eden. The original sin separated us from The Creator, The Father, YAH.

Yahusha, The Son Of YAH, came to earth to die for our sins, so that we can be reconciled with The Father. That’s how much our Father loves us. He gave us His only begotten Son to atone for our sins. He forgave us first. Knowing that Yahusha forgave us and even interceded on our behalves, asking that we be forgiven is more than enough reason to accept and obey His command to forgive one another.

Luke 23:34

As a person who has struggled for many years with forgiveness, anger and spiritual pain, my hope is in Ha Mashiach that I am able to forgive all those who have hurt me because I deeply and greatly wish to be forgiven for all of my transgressions. I seek forgiveness for all of those whom I have hurt. Experiencing many years of deep spiritual pain has taught me a lot about myself in addition to bringing me closer to The Messiah, Yahusha.  Forgiving those who have hurt me is understanding that we all need healing. Being forgiven by all those whom I have hurt is a greatly desired gift that I hope, in Ha Mashiach, to receive. We all fall short. We all need The Messiah. Choosing the path of forgiveness is walking towards His truth and light.

Ephesians 4:31-32

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