“For My Father”: Choruses & 2nd Verse


This is the final review of “For My Father.” In this update, I will review the making of the choruses and the 2nd and final verse of the video and song. The Yahusha The Messiah  has been most merciful, loving and kind to me. His love and blessings on my life and soul are greatly cherished and mean more to me than anything in this world. The Messiah loves me more than I have ever loved myself. He has been kinder to me than I have been to myself. He has forgiven me when I could not forgive myself. He saves me because I cannot save myself. His mercy and love for me has redirected my entire being and focus in life. His love for me has taught me beyond measure. The love that The Messiah  has for me has blessed me to seek Him and His Kingdom above all things. The love of The Messiah  has taught me to cling to Him and look to Him and praise Him through every trial and blessing. May all those who love Yahusha Ha Mashiach be renewed in spirit by The Holy Spirit. May all those who wait patiently on Him, feel the pure joy of His Love for us, the sheep of His pasture.

The Messiah is the Rock of my salvation

His grace is sufficient for my every situation

He teaches me through the mercy of His glorious Holy Spirit

My story is a testimony and I’m grateful just to share it

The love of Yahusha is unlike any other man

He searches our hearts and hears our thoughts and still, He lends His Hand

So merciful and slow to anger

So humble, He was placed in a manger

So endearing, He appears in dreams

So lowly, He defends the fiends

So compassionate, He feels our screams

So Sovereign, He’s The King of Kings

The Messiah loves us and His love for us is Divine

His Love for us cannot be destroyed and it cannot be undermined

He loved us before our time, before God created the world

He loved us inside the womb

He took on our impending doom

He died for all of our sins

He died to make us whole

His love is the greatest known to man

His love penetrates the soul

Let us, together, praise His name and let us all behold

The greatest man who ever lived and the greatest story ever told!

“For My Father”: 1st Chorus

While filming the choruses of “For My Father” the bike scenes were introduced. Riding the bike allowed me to smoothly transition from the 1st verse to the chorus. It also helped me put greater focus and emphasis on the words of the chorus:

“I was chosen from the bottom…

I’m a spokesman for the fostered…

I’ve been invoked with the power…

‘Cause I’m a soldier For My Father!”

Filming the choruses and bike scenes went as planned. I rehearsed performing and riding in the park prior to the day we filmed the video. This prepared me for the actual street filming. The opening scene prayer (Psalms 23), the 1st verse, the 1st & 2nd choruses and the 2nd verse were all filmed separately, several weeks apart. I’d never filmed this way before. Normally, I film all of my performances on the same day with the possible exception of some additional footage filmed separately. This video, however, was very different for me.

The reason I had to film the scenes so far apart is because I had to have my spirit renewed, throughout the process. I was under extreme pressure and circumstances while filming so I needed spiritual and mental strength from The Messiah  and the Holy Spirit in order to complete my tasks. I thank Yahusha for blessing me by renewing my spirit through His Glorious Holy Spirit, throughout the production of the video. I thank my Father, in the name of Ha Mashiach, for saving me from the grips of my enemies. We need the Holy Spirit because without Him, we can do nothing in this wicked world. With the power of the Spirit of God, we can face anything and anyone and overcome!

“For My Father” is my favorite music video from S.O.J.A. Films because it is a dedication to my Father, YAH. There is no One greater or more worthy of glory, praise, thanks and honor than The Father, YAH, The Son, Yahusha Ha Mashiach and The Helper and Teacher, The Holy Spirit. After having just witnessed the mercy, victory and glory of The Messiah  on my life and soul, I had to praise, thank and glorify Him in this video for all that He does for me. This naturally put me under great pressure and in fear because, I greatly wanted and needed this video to be the absolute, best that it could be.

It is the fact that I fear of YAH, His son Yahusha Ha Mashiach and His Glorious and Sovereign The Holy Spirit above all men that I was able put the outside forces and obstacles into perspective and therefore to the side and back burner in order to complete this video and dedication to The Messiah.

Proverbs 9:10

I am very grateful to have Omnipotent Friends in Most High places! When you have Friends in The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, you can’t fail because you will overcome every obstacle and you will never go wrong, and everything you do will prosper!

Yahusha’s love is unlike anything in this world

In Him I overcome, He’s helped me since a little girl

He has never let me go

His Spirit taught me how to flow

The Messiah gave me my wings

He’s the reason why I sing

“For My Father” 2nd Verse: Spiritual Warfare

The 2nd Verse of “For My Father” was filmed in front of a church in Ironbound, Newark, New Jersey called St. Stephens. The verse begins with me standing before the church, singing and testifying about being engaged in a very long, extremely difficult battle, which at first, I tried and failed to fight alone by myself.

“I cant deny it!

The devil fooled me oh, so long ago.

I could not fight it!

The enemy was holding on my soul!

Psalms 40:9-10

The Key, The Door, The House: Love, Yahusha Ha Mashiach, The Kingdom of YAHUAH


After many years of fighting and losing in many battles for reasons I did not understand or even know existed, I realized something that changed my life.

I discovered, for myself, the Key of David.

What is the Key of David?

The Key of David is Love.

It is through Love, which is also Charity, that I consciously experienced God because God is Love.

The Door: Yahusha The Messiah

Through Love, The Holy Spirit led me to The Door.

Who is The Door?

The Door is Yahusha Ha Mashiach,  The Only Begotten Son of God.

The Messiah, the Son of God, is The Door, The Path, The Gate, The Truth, The Way and The Life by which we must enter in order to be saved from our inherent sin and therefore reconciled and atoned, in righteousness, with The Father YAH, who is our Creator and Maker and the True and Living God. Due to the mercy and loving kindness of The Father, through His Holy Spirit, God’s Love, which is Charity or The Key, led me to the Door, Who is Yahusha Ha Mashiach.


Who’s House does the Door belong to?

The Door belongs to the House of David.

What is the House of David?

The House of David is the Davidic Lineage of the Throne of The Kingdom of God, upon which Yahusha Ha Mashiach, Sits and Shall Reign, Forever and Ever.

Love is not a game

Love is what Yahusha taught

Love is for God’s people

Love is not where you thought

You can find Love in the streets

Love is not on TV

You can find Love on the hill

Love is kind, Love is free

Love cannot be destroyed or faded

Receive it and be glad you made it

Respect it and you’ll know it’s Sacred

You’ll find it in the House of David

“For My Father” 2nd Verse, The Church: The Bride of The Messiah

The Messiah doesn’t take bribes but He takes care of His Bride

He is meek, humble and kind, yet He is also The Sovereign God

He breaks bread with the poor and feeds those who sleep outside

He is The King of Kings, yet He came to save those lost in pride

He is the Lord of Lords, yet he waits patiently at the door

Our salvation is in Him; we are His, forevermore

The hatred of this world is extremely painful because it is supposed to be. It is designed to break our spirit but Yahusha causes it to strengthen us and give us more zeal and love for Him. That’s why I give The Messiah all the glory. Being hated by people you once admired and looked up to can be devastating. Being ridiculed and hated by elders who took vows to lead with hope, love and honor is painful. Being mocked, spitefully imitated and made fun of by people you’ve never met and have never harmed is painful. Being hated by institutions you once believed in can be devastating. Watching your friends turn against you in exchange for the short lived favor of your strong enemies tears you apart in your soul. Experiencing these levels of hatred for many years is painful beyond words.

There is nothing greater than knowing and experiencing being loved and taken care of by The Father in the name of His Son, Yahusha.

This pure and everlasting love, protection and comfort comes by way of Yahusha.

I know this love and salvation for myself.

I know God’s Love through many, many trials and tribulations.

Jesus is ‘the stone you builders rejected,

which has become the cornerstone.’

Salvation is found in no one else,

for there is no other name under heaven

given to mankind by which we must be saved.”

Acts 4:11-12

“For My Father” My Testimony

Throughout the years, The Messiah  through His Glorious Holy Spirit, has continuously revealed multiple networks that have secretly and deceptively targeted me in plain view. The Messiah and the Holy Spirit have also revealed to me the source of the forces against me. No man or woman revealed these things to me but it was my Father.

Ha Mashiach  is my only hope in this world. Without Him, I could not have survived the things I’ve been through. Without Him, I could not survive the obstacles I face everyday. Ha Mashiach is the only One I can trust because His Divine Righteousness will never leave me or forsake me or steer me wrong.

Yahusha Ha Mashiach and my journey in music have taught me that the ways of this world are not for me. After trying for so many years to share the music that God has blessed me with, I have learned to stop fighting and give this battle to Yahusha because He will fight all my battles for me. The hatred that almost destroyed me has strengthened me and drawn me closer to Him. Because of  The Messiah, Yahusha I am able to love those who hate me.

I struggled with this for a very long time because I held resentment towards my enemies. I didn’t know how to love them because I resented them for hating on me. Yahusha recently taught me how to overcome this and how to obey His command to love my enemies and let go of the resentment. I learned how to love my enemies when I observed how God expressed his love for us. God loved us and therefore sent us a Savior because He doesn’t want any of us to perish. I know this because the word of God tells us that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son and whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. God expressed His love for us by saving us through His Son if we believe in Him. I realize that I cannot save anyone, not even myself. Only The Savior, Yahusha Ha Mashiach can save. However, He has taught me that I can express love for my enemies by hoping they get saved by Him.

Instead of resenting my enemies for the way they treat me, I can redirect my energy and focus on expressing love for them by wishing them salvation and the joy that comes from being saved by Yahusha.

Love is the only way that we can overcome the hatred of this world.

Throughout the struggles of my journey through music, there was (what I described as) a dark cloud following me. Wherever I went, my music was initially strongly embraced but then suddenly, my music and I were rejected with strong hatred and contempt. I noticed this pattern forming around me and I could not understand it. This made me very, very angry, confused and sad. My self esteem was very low.

There was a time when I felt haunted by this cloud because I was ignorant to who the cloud truly is.

I wanted to escape the cloud that reigned over me because it isolated me from most of those I encountered along my journey, every step of the way.

Today, I take great joy in knowing that the cloud that followed me all these years was actually protecting me.

The cloud was actually preventing me from falling into the hands and traps of my enemies.

This cloud protected me from an industry that encourages and rewards people for hating people that have never harmed them. This cloud protected me from selling my soul to the father of lies. This cloud loves me so much, it would never leave me nor forsake me. This cloud always knew what was best for me and even, in my ignorance, when I resisted the direction and provisions that this glorious cloud provided me, the cloud continued to protect me and love me with unwavering devotion and pure genuine compassion. Today, I take refuge in the cloud because I know that the cloud is the Good Shepherd, Yahusha Ha Mashiach!

I thank the Glorious Holy Spirit for teaching me by revealing the true and righteous identity of the cloud to me.

I thank  Yahusha for preventing me from integrating into systems and industries that are spiritually at war with the true and living God.

Today, I understand that God’s enemies are my enemies.

This gives me joy because it reminds me that I’m a soldier in The Army Of YAH!

All Hail the YAH of hosts, The Chief Cornerstone, The Alpha and Omega, The Commander of The Army of The YAH by whom all victories are won and all walls come tumbling down!

In times of great chaos and need, when I took refuge in The Messiah, Yahusha, He saved from many calamities and traps. Some of the traps I eagerly, ignorantly ran into. Some of the traps I was lured into. Some of the traps were laid by people I once trusted. Some of the traps were laid by people I’ve never met, never knew and had never harmed or wronged. These types of unfortunate things happen to all kinds of people from all walks of life. These unfortunate experiences have helped me to understand just how much we all need The Messiah. They have shown me YAH’S Loving Kindness and mercy upon my soul.

That’s why this is For My Father.

Yahusha Ha Mashiach, The Lamb of God:

The Promise, The Covenant of Grace

The Covenant of Grace is the Father, YAH’S promise of salvation to man through a Savior, who is Yahusha Ha Mashiach.

We have seen and testify that the Father has sent the Son to be the Savior of the world.

Mankind needed a Savior because when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, they disobeyed God and sinned.

As a result of this sin, Adam and Eve were separated from God and banished from the Garden of Eden.

YAH had to banish them and their sinfulness from Him because He is Holy and Pure Righteousness and He does not allow sin near Him.

As a result of Adam’s sin, mankind also inherited death.

The death and resurrection of Ha Mashiach,  was necessary in order for the cost and price of our inherited sin to be paid.

This price was paid when Ha Mashiach’s pure, sinless blood was shed on the cross.

The sinless blood of Ha Mashiach saved us from our sins.

Because of The Messiah’s  death and resurrection, we are able to be reconciled and atoned, in righteousness, with The Father, YAH and receive everlasting life from the True and Living God.

Because of the Messiah, we no longer have to be separated from our Maker and castaway into eternal death due our sin.

It is the Messiah’s obedience, mercy, almighty power and love that did this great work for us and gave this wonderful, free gift!

The Messiah was able to Save us on the cross and overcome death through The Resurrection because He is GOD.

We did not earn this glorious gift of Grace.

The Messiah died and was resurrected from the dead and gave it to us as a true, free gift of Love and Charity.

Salvation and righteousness must and can only be achieved in and through Yahusha The Messiah

We have to go through Him to receive it!

Our only way back to YAH The Father and everlasting life is Yahusha The Messiah, God’s Only Begotten Son.

The Messiah gave us the most charitable Gift from above

What is this Gift in question?

It is the shedding of sinless blood

Yahusha did so out of Love

His obedience set us free

From the disobedience of Adam

Yahusha died for you and me

More specifically the Gift received by all who seek God’s face

Is our Messiah given favor, better known as The Covenant Of Grace

Yahusha Ha Mashiach  is the only name that can save us.  We cannot save ourselves. I could not have saved myself from all the forces against me. I was lost and very afraid.

Through faith, I am a child of God and He is my Father, Lord, Savior, Protector, Friend, Helper, Provider, Healer, Hope and Trust. What A Mighty God We Serve!

This world has made it extremely difficult for people to accept, Yahusha Ha Mashiach The Truth, The Way and The Life. Man has promoted many roadblocks and psychological, mass media driven, man made isms like racism, sexism and classism to control the minds of the lost, turning them away from and against the love, truth and grace of the Messiah.. Many people blindly fall for the tricks and lies that we are fed on a daily basis. Many of us believe everything we see on television, read in the news papers and hear spoken by the rich and famous. Many of us have lost touch with the fact that deception is a huge part of the way the devil operates. The devil, who is a liar, is the accuser and adversary of the children of God. I have personally witnessed Satan’s lies and accusations towards God’s children spread like a wildfire. I’ve witnessed the lies and accusations of Satan feed his blood thirsty followers. The followers of Satan take great pleasure in spreading his hatred and lies and accusations. Satan knows what his followers want and he feeds them what they thirst for, more hatred and more lies.

“For My Father”: Victory in The Messiah

The gift of The Covenant Of Grace can be received by anyone who accepts it through Yahusha Ha Mashiach because it is already here. This is the Hope of The Messiah. This is the Good News!

While I was filming the 2nd verse and church scenes in east Newark, I was filled with joy. Serving the my Father YAH and thanking and honoring Him for all that He does for me gives me great joy even in the face of great adversity. The Joy of The Messiah makes me smile when things are down. Joy is one of the 9 Fruit of The Holy Spirit. You can read more about the 9 Fruit of The Holy Spirit in my previous video review titled, Welcome To The Garden: The 9 Fruit of the Holy Spirit. In The Messiah I receive healing from all the pain caused by the ills of this world. Because of this joy and love, that I have witnessed and received in my The Messiah I am able to testify.

I’m speaking to those who love me and also to those who hate me

I hope we all seek Yahusha Ha Mashiach and choose serve Him faithfully

The futility of resisting love had rendered me a mess

My hope to love my enemies comes failing so many tests

We serve whom we obey, We obey the One we serve

For so many years I followed my feelings and found myself on the curb

I had to fall many times to learn the fault of my ways

Salvation can only come to those who realize they need to be saved

We All Need Yahusha Ha Mashiach

“For My Father “2nd Chorus

“Born in the belly of the beast!

Came as a poet of the street!”

“I was hopeless, I was crying!

Devils tried to make me bleed!

But the Angels kept me climbing!

I’m the life of a slave set free!”

“This is For My Father”

Filming “For My Father” was a huge blessing for me. I overcame many obstacles through Yahusha Ha Mashiach.  I was blessed with the opportunity to perform from my heart and soul in dedication, honor, love, reverence and worship of The Messiah and it felt so good! The King of Kings is amazing and He is the worker of all miracles.

We can do all things through Yahusha Ha Mashiach who strengthens us!

This concludes the reviews of my 3rd S.O.J.A. Films music video, “For My Father” I hope that you have found truth, hope, peace and love in the word of God. I hope that you accept Yahusha Ha Mashiach as your God and Savior because He welcomes all those who want to be saved from the wickedness and deception of this world. If you want to be saved, salvation awaits you in the Messiah.

“For My Father” is the 1st song released from my long awaited, 2nd album, Golden Seal: S.O.J.A., Seal of Jesus Approved. This has been a journey of great evolution filled with love, joy, patience, faithfulness, trials, tribulations, passion, pain, realization and spiritual gain. I am grateful and thankful to the Messiah Yahusha Ha Mashiach for His Divine mercy and Tender Loving Kindness on my life and soul for all of my life.

May The Father, YAH forever be praised because His Most High Praise Is Due!

May my Yahusha Ha Mashiach be glorified in everything that I do.

May The Holy Spirit teach me, help me and guide Golden Seal through.


Falona Nyreen Brown, servant, soldier, daughter and friend of The Father, YAH, in the name of The Messiah, Yahusha, King of Kings, and Commander of the Army of the YAH. Glorify and Bless The Ruach Ha Kodesh! HALLELUYAH

Newark, New Jersey, April 2015