“For My Father” Opening Scene:

Through The Valley


The 23rd Psalm

I chose this location because it fit well with the words of the scripture. I chose The 23rd Psalm of David because it’s a very powerful and brilliantly written scripture. These verses vividly paint the picture of a man being protected, led and provided for, like a sheep, by our Father, YAH. Because of the meek nature of sheep, they are able to be led and protected and provided for. This is the great wisdom of sheep. Sheep are excellent examples of the embodiment of meekness. This is how YAH made them to be for His divine plan and will for them. I am thankful for sheep because learning about them and their nature has helped me in my efforts to change for the better through obedience to The Good Shepherd, The Messiah, The Lamb of YAH.  Human beings can learn a lot from sheep.

The Book Of Psalms and King David have been a huge source of inspiration and strength for me. I was under a lot of stress while filming “For My Father” but I knew that I had to move forward with the song and video no matter what I was faced with. That’s what faith is. You must be motivated by YAH’S words and trust and hope in Him no matter what you’re faced with. This can be very difficult to do but the great thing about our Father, YAH is that He will give you the strength to do it. I also had to do something that I didn’t have the courage to do back in 2005. I had to fear YAH above the wickedness of this world. I had to stand still and not run away.

Psalms 46:10

I realized that I couldn’t keep running away. Sometimes a runaway has to learn how to stay. I had to pray. I had to stand. I had to sing. I could rap about the dream, but I desperately needed the King Of Kings. The Messiah taught me that in order to be in a soldier in the Army Of YAH we must seek and obey Him and He will give us the strength to overcome the temptations and limitations of our flesh and surroundings. This is what spiritual warfare is. This is how we achieve victory through Yahusha The Messiah.

Ephesians 6:12

Luke 19:10

Overall, I greatly enjoyed filming the opening scene of “For My Father” I learned a great deal about the importance of trusting in The Son of YAH, The Messiah.  I experienced first handedly what it truly means to walk by faith. Our Alahym is Omnipotent, Meek, Humble and Kind. He cares for us all and His Love is Divine. He loves us and our differences and when others hate us because of our differences, He understands our pain and He heals us. Yahusha, is so caring that He will leave an entire flock just to save one little lost sheep. That’s how good and compassionate He is. The love of our Alahym is truly awesome and amazing. Ha Mashiach is most worthy to be praised. I hope that you find comfort and strength, as I have, in the verses of the 23rd Psalm Of David.

Yahusha Loves

Yahusha Protects

Yahusha Forgives

Yahusha Heals

Yahusha Provides

Yahusha is Kind

Yahusha is Merciful

Yahusha Understands

Yahusha Cares

Yahusha Sees Everything

Yahusha Knows Everything

Yahusha Is The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived!

Peace, Falona